Canvas Poster

Poster iconWhen it needs to be seen, don’t just go big, go super-sized. Our large format posters range from A4 to A0 and bigger, if you have an irregular size. We are happy to print long and thin, so 20″ x 100” or 40” x 200” etc.

Make an impact with the bright and vibrant colours only available when you photo-print, which is what Digital inPrint do, all our posters are photo quality with inks designed to be bright for 100’s of years.

With other media in the range, you can get the ideal look for your application.

We also have snap frames, and are happy to discuss any unusual applications you might have, such as low-tack poster, to stick and remove from a wall.

Canvas Posters are printed on luxurious, 330 gsm 100% Natural Cotton Canvas. This all natural material will last years and provides the best canvas available. Request a sample or come into the office to see the different materials. The canvas prints can be mounted into a frame with a matte to look like a painting. Please advise us if you want the borders untrimmed when ordering.

Qty A3 A2 A1 A0 Other
1 £6.50 £12.75 £21.40 £32.30 Call
2 £12.80 £25.40 £42.60 £64.26 Call
3 £18.90 £37.95 £63.60 £95.88 Call
5 £30.70 £58.75 £97.25 £145.40 Call
10 £58.40 £112.50 £179.60 £266.20 Call
20 £110.00 £220.00 £346.20 £511.20 Call

Any valid discount or promotional code is valid for a discount from these prices.

Note: These are not suitable for Canvas Wrapping, as they are trimmed to size. There is NO edge to wrap.

These are our standard prices and assume suitable artwork in a form ready to print directly. All prices are subject to VAT.

As part of our normal service, we will inform you if a file is unsuitable or will yield unsatisfactory results. You are of course liable for the price of the job as printed.